Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Go Bento!

In my research about bentos over the past several weeks I've found links to many stores that sell bento supplies. It's been challenging to find stuff from one store that has reasonable prices. I did come across Ichiban Kan in the Bay Area which is a sort of Japanese dollar store. Turns out that my sister lives near one of locations and she was planning on visiting us this week. So I sent her an email asking if she's willing to go to the shop and purchasing bento supplies to bring to us. She did a SUPER job and got everything on my list + some extras. She said that the prices were awesome, with many things under $2. She's arriving soon and my daughter & I are anxious to get our hands on the bento supplies. We basically have NOTHING right now so this will really help us to get serious about making bento. My daughter starts Kindergarten in 4 weeks, so we should get some good practice in. I'll post soon about our new supplies.

In the meantime I have one of our bentos from this week to show you.
The bug is a Babybel with heart pick eyes, grass is green beans, mushrooms are made with half strawberries on a carrot stick stem, and the rest of the space is filled with blueberries and diced hot dog.