Thursday, June 30, 2011

My First Bento

My daughter has been talking about starting Kindergarten and I've been wondering how she will be about eating lunch at school. I thought if I prepared lunches that she likes then I can be assured that she's eating properly. When I was thinking of how I could make lunches creative & fun I thought of bento lunches. I've seen a lot of bloggers who create bento lunches for their family and I even designed a bento blog a while back called I visited that blog and immediately decided that bento lunches was the way to go for Kindergarten. I found several more bento bloggers via and was totally overwhelmed by all the information. I decided to not worry about how and what and just decided to start practicing lunches now. So today I made my first bento. I used my daughter's little Hello Kitty (bento) lunch container.I decided to put blue berries inside of strawberries for her fruit. Put a little ranch dressing in an old applesauce cup with carrot sticks. A piece of cheese was topped with a turkey hot dog cut to resemble an animal (my daughter thought it was a hippo!) with a blueberry in it's mouth and a little squirt of ketchup & mustard. I thought for my first attempt it turned out pretty good!
There are days when this would be enough food for my daughter, but she's in the midst of swim lessons and practicing her swimming skills each evening so she's been tired & hungry. She's already having a snack but she enjoyed her "dental" lunch. LOL! She's got to learn the word bento!

So a new hobby has started and I'll be blogging about bentos now!