Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Why is change so overwhelming? Today I got my laptop back. It's been undergoing some clean up and has been updated to Windows 7. I cannot get my settings/bookmarks to import and it has me so frustrated! I've got several things to get organized and it's got my head spinning. Windows 7 doesn't really feel much different, but I am missing my crutches!

My hubby just got a job offer (promotion) and we are thrilled! I'm also freaking out about the changes it will bring. He's staying within his parent company, but he's moving to a new group and will have to commute 30+ mins each way. Right now he works about 3 miles away. I'm fretting about how the change is going to impact the family. I know all will be OK and the changes will probably be pretty seamless...but darn-it~ it's CHANGE!

I'm also in the process of making some changes to my business that I plan on unveiling on/by July 1. I'm got most of it all figured out at this point and feel like I will have the changes done by my goal. But looking at the calendar and my wait list I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. July 1 is also the day that my hubby starts his new job. I'm thinking we need to play a party for that night...so I can focus on FUN not change.

Yes...I know this all sounds ridiculous...I am just resisting change...and all of it positive change. Do you resist change or feel panicked about changes? I used to get excited about change, but as my age increases so does my resistance!

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  1. Well, it all depends on the sorts of changes that are happening.

    Don't worry about the commute, you will all adjust. Especially if this is a good promotion for him and more money and such. Sometimes you have to travel for the good stuff.

    What are you doing with your business?? I'm curious.

    You certainly do have a lot going on! Add in that college kid and marching season!! WOW!


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