Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reality Wrap

Survivor~ It was Boston Rob's game to win. No one had any respect for Natalie as she was Rob's puppet and they loathed Phillip. Except for Ralph who was about the same age and a little crazy like Phillip, so he had a little man crush on him. I really thought that Rob had made a bad move by voting out Grant in the previous ep, but it turned out to be a good move. He kept the girls knowing they might turn on him but he thought he could win immunity. His gamble paid off. Did you see the faces of the contestants at the reunion? I think this season took a major psychological toll on many of them. In the past it was maybe 1 or 2 contestants, but this season several took a blow...Russell, Grant, Matt, and a few others. So who do you think will be the returning contestants for Survivor: South Pacific. Hearing that name I want to call it Survivor: South Pacific - The Musical. LOL! So will we see Phillip v. Coach? Will Russell be back to cry again? I think it's got to be more recent contestants, but maybe they will dig way back. Rupert? Cerie? Yao-Man? Who will it be????

Celebrity Apprentice~ I had forgotten that they did interviews to determine who the final 2 would be. The strongest survived~ Marlee v. John, which is what I predicted. Marlee does seem to hold back and has let Meat take a lead, so her lack of assertiveness might hurt her. I do believe that John Rich will win it all. I am enjoying Richard's commentary on the last task. Think that Trump is going to get him a day pass from jail to be at the live finale?

This will probably be my last wrap of the season!!

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