Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reality Wrap - Week 12

Survivor~ Rob is going to be shaking in his shoes...I think the tribe will split and the power will go to whomever wins immunity. They've got to know that someone found the idol and unless stupid they should know it's Rob that has it. He sure worked his @$$ off to win that challenge. I thought that he was going to pass out and fall down the stairs after Jeff checked him. I know that Matt & Ralph thought that Mike was dumb to give up his reward to the tribe, but I think it was a smart move. He wins a little favor with them (most of whom will be on the jury) and he doesn't get caught up in the emo of it all.

Amazing Race~ Boo hoo hoo~ it's over!!! I love, love, love this show. That last leg was pretty brutal...they just kept going and going. And then to have to ride bikes 7 miles in the wind. I had predicted that Zev & Justin would win, but I was wrong. Once they were out I thought that Jen & Kisha had the best chance to win. You live & die by the taxi, and Gary & Mallory died by it. Their guy was clueless! Jen & Kisha were in the best shape, so they would have smoked Gallory if they were out front. I enjoyed this season and look forward to next.

Celebrity Apprentice~ Because AR was 2 hours I didn't get it watch it live. I was super busy yesterday and it took me nearly 5 hours to get through the 2 hour episode on Hulu. I kept having to pause it to answer the phone, attend to the kids, drive kids around. I was glad to finally get done and even happier that Star was fired. She was a strong competitor, but Trump saw her ugly side. It was my way or the highway with Star and she just didn't have the creativity/versatility to stay. And Nene was a piece of work. Buckling under like that? She should have kept fighting!! I figured the final 4 would be John, Meat, Star, & Marlee, but it wasn't so. I am guessing that next week will be 2 on 2 and that both from the losing team will be fired. So unless Trump mixes them up, then it won't be Marlee vs. Rich in the final 2...which is who it should be.