Monday, May 30, 2011

Graduation Party

This past week has been super busy with my son's graduation and then preparing for his party. I haven't been online much and I didn't do any blog makeovers. I decided to make cookies on a stick for the party, which were a lot of work. I had never made them before, so I was in close contact with a friend who has been making them for years. She gave me a GREAT recipe and then I searched for some video tutorials on decorating. I came across, which had some icing recipes and tips. Michaels had a buy 2 baking products get 1 free sale this past week, which helped with keeping costs down. I actually ran into a lady that owns a cookie bouquet business at Michaels and she helped me find graduation cookie cutters and gave me some good tips on products. I looked up her shop online and was SHOCKED at the price of a cookie bouquet~ $64!! That was with 7 or 8 cookies. YIKES! I spent a lot less than $64 for all my ingredients and supplies and I have enough stuff to make several more batches in the future! I ended up overestimating the amount of cookies we needed and there were LOTS leftover. I made 220! (plus the ones that got scarfed down before I decorated them!)I also make little candy diplomas. I got the idea from Chrissy's Crafts. You take Smarties candies and wrap paper around it and tie it to look like a diploma. They were cute!I set them in a glass bowl on the gift table.Despite the cookie dough not having enough flour and the cookies spreading a little during baking, they turned out really well. Icing allows you to cover up imperfections. The few cookies that really didn't have much of a shape left got either a Congrats or a big C for the high school.Here is a close up of one of the bouquets.I got LOTS of compliments!! Well worth all the time I put into them...and the lost sleep!See what the juniors did? They ate some of the numbers and then turned 2011 into 2012! LOL!

Here are some of the guest enjoying lunch with the bounce house in the background. The bounce house was in use for the entire 5 hours of the party! I got permission from the city to block the street for the party.The teens moved inside to play Apples to Apples and then all crowded into my son's room.And the garage got turned into a mini skating rink!
As you can see, a good time was had by ALL! We were exhausted and fell into bed as soon as we cleaned up last night. We finished cleaning up this morning and the rest of the day as been spent relaxing!