Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reality Wrap- Week 9

Survivor~ The Zapatera tribe is right...Rob is a dictator. It's actually kind of funny to watch how stupid they are for listening to him. Not eating the fish when you are starving? Come on! Do you think they will all remain stupid and Rob will win?

Amazing Race~ This leg seemed very short to me. I had heard rumors that it was a non-elim leg, but I didn't believe it. The Globetrotters were super strong this episode. Looks like they just missed winning the cars. That was A LOT of schnitzel to eat in 12 mins! I would have started with the choc cake! LOL! Vyxen was being so ridiculous...totally jumping on Kent who really wasn't doing anything wrong. They (I mean she) has gotten pretty annoying. I don't think they have a chance at the top 3. They will probably be philiminated in the next 2 legs.

Celebrity Apprentice~ OK...Gary Busey has been kept around for ratings, but there was NO WAY he could survive last night. I thought for sure that he would be throwing John Rich under the bus because John had him figured out. John just washed his hands of everything. He and Lil Jon were worthless. Poor Meatloaf looked like he was going to have a heart attack! Nene thinks she's the best, but her days are numbered!!!