Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reality Wrap- Week 8

Survivor~ I thought that Matt was going to lose with that injury on his foot. That must have been so painful to stand on that thin little piece of wood. I thought that was the end of Redemption Island, but they are starting it up again. There are some strong players still in the game, so it will be interesting to see how far he goes this round. I think this is the first time I've seen the 2 teams at the merge stay to divided as they are. It could be the editing, but they are not showing any faltering! 2 tribals this week...so things might possibly shift out of Rob's control.

Amazing Race~ Wow! Varanasi was intense!! Zev did a great job. Actually all the teams did. Vyxsin was *VERY CRAZY* to jump into that river. I am sure she has to follow up with all kinds of shots/medicines. Props to the teams who did the manure. I would ready to barf too! I followed Phil on Twitter during the show, which was interesting. I know that Ron & Christina were driving me crazy at first, but they were less obnoxious as of late so it was sad to see them go. I actually have nothing against any of the teams left, so the rest of the race should be good!

Celebrity Apprentice~ Amazing Race was delayed 12 mins so I missed the task assignment & project manager being picked on CA. It's interesting that the woman's team was so disorganized but they won. Obviously if it was based on who worked the hardest then the guys would have won, but it all hinged on the pirate theme. Gary is an idiot and he really should not still be around, but it's about ratings. He's not in for the long haul, but he does make it interesting. The 2 strongest men are John Rich & Meatloaf and the 2 strongest women are Marlee & Starr. Nothing says that the final has to be a man vs. a woman, but I think the final 2 will be John Rich vs. Marlee.