Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reality Wrap- Week 7

Survivor~ Stephanie lost at Redemption Island, so my prediction of the winner was wrong. No big deal~ I wasn't a fan at all. Another boring episode, but the merge next week should bring on some GOOD drama!

Amazing Race~ Week off due to the CMA. Bummer! I miss it!

Celebrity Apprentice~ The one good thing about Amazing Race not being on is that I was free to watch Celebrity Apprentice as it aired. I am normally impatient with commercial breaks, but I had kids to attend to and I was texting with a friend. This friend is quite astute and snarky. Our text conversations made the whole episode so much more enjoyable than normal. I might have to ignore my family more on a Sunday night! I was surprised that the woman won and even more surprised that they decided to send one of the men packing. Richard is a better team member for the men's team, but Gary is the wild card that helps with ratings. Besides, with Richard back in prison right now he would not be available for the finale. Lulz! Jose would have been booted soon, so he's no loss! I won't miss his twitchiness!