Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reality Wrap: Week 10

Survivor~ Rob has TOO much power! Seriously! They need to wake up from their trance. And....Phillip is NUTS! I think he's a calculated nut, but a nut none the less!!

Amazing Race~ You don't often see them cover 3 countries in one leg, but Lichtenstein is so small that it was easily covered. I am surprised that this late in the game that so many teams are helping each other out, but I think they were just trying to push out the cowboys. It sure looked close there at the end between the globes and the cowboys, but the globes did what they HAD to do to avoid being eliminated. They are a nice team and I know they felt bad. I don't think the other teams disliked the cowboys, they just wanted them out because they are strong!

Celebrity Apprentice~ OK...The Donald looks HORRIBLE! The jaundiced make-up look is SOOOO bad!!! The bronze look against the pink eyes is just atrocious! Both teams did so bad on the task and I think both should have lost...BUT it's about ratings so they wanted to put the strongest up against each other. LaToya did get some good face time with the execs, but she was weak. I am so looking forward to the Nene-Starr face off next week!

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  1. I would love to see Gary Busey and that wacky Philip together in a show. Can you imagine the insanity??! They are both NUTS!!

    Felt bad that the cowboys were eliminated. I'm not sure I'm gonna watch it anymore because I don't like the teams that are left. :(


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