Thursday, April 7, 2011

My last name isn't Rambles!

Lately I've encountered several people who thought my last name was Rambles. How strange is that? I personally think it's quite obvious that it comes from my random ramblings here on my blog, but I guess they are confused because I use for my email. I recently got an order in the mail and it was sent to Diana Rambles. Even the order form had my credit card processed as Diana Rambles. did that go through? The mailman was very confused and came by a 2nd time with that package wondering if I knew who that was. Another person wanted to send a payment to Diana Rambles. It's not that I don't want a payment, but they need to know what my name actually is.

Have you ever met someone with the last name Rambles? What would you think if you heard that as someone's last name?

Diana is a crafty creative Midwestern work from home mama of 3. She enjoys playing with PhotoShop Elements, sewing & crafting, creating fun for family & friends, camping, and reading. She is the owner & operator of Custom Blog Designs.

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  1. That is too funny, does that make Eric, Mr. Rambles :D

  2. Seriously??? I hope folks don't think my last name is Duckandwheelwithstring!

  3. This is too funny!!! XD That would be a fun last name though. Maybe you should change yours. ;)


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