Friday, April 15, 2011

Busy Week & Outlook

I took last weekend off to go to St. Louis. While we had a lot of downtime/relaxing in St. Louis, we also got a lot of exercise and it was hot. I've been very tired each night this week and have been sore too. My back hasn't really been sore, so the exercise was good for it.

I've been trying to play catch up business wise. I was able to get 2 makeovers done early in the week but that pace has slowed down with some volunteer activities and lots of running kids around. Yesterday I was gone nearly the WHOLE day and then I realize we made a mistake on our taxes so there was a flurry of activity here in the evening. This discovery will net about a grand more for us. Yeah! We will be filing an amendment once our return is processed. I am glad that I don't have much on my plate errands wise today. I have A LOT of work to do and several chores around here including laundry. We are getting a new washer & dryer next week (delivered on my bday!) but there is no way that we can hold off on doing laundry til then. I will get it done today and then we are going to clean out the utility room. It's a storage room down in our basement with the studs showing (no drywall) so we want to get in and clean it out and make any necessary repairs. The forecast for this afternoon is storms which is A-OK with me. It makes doing my work & chores easier because the kids will be inside.

Things are also getting quite busy for the teen. He's a senior so he's got college placement testing, a HUGE audition (college marching band), a few concerts, Six Flags, Prom, and of course graduation. I know some parents feel sad when their kid is at this point in life, but I am excited for him. Maybe because he's the oldest. I do feel sad that the youngest is starting Kindergarten in the fall though. I am sure I'll have a mix of emotions over the next 5 weeks or so!