Friday, March 11, 2011

Teen Driving

The other night our son was driving home from his Tuba lesson and he had a close call that really shook him. He was stopped at a light and when it turned green he started to go but realized he was in 3rd gear. As he shifted into 1st a car came barreling through the red light across in front of him. He realized if he wasn't in 3rd he would have gotten hit and badly injured. It rocked him to his core. I am very thankful that he was not hurt, but I am also glad that he witnessed something like this. When I was his age the same thing happened to me. A car came speeding through a red light right as I hesitated to hit the gas. Not sure why I hesitated because I was not driving a stick, but I can vividly remember it as if it were yesterday. This close call got me to become more of a peripheral driver. Even now I am never quick to dash when a light turns green and I always glance right & left to make sure someone isn't coming. I hope that my teen will be the same way now. He's so sure that he's a great driver and won't do anything wrong, but maybe he will now realize that it's other drivers that you've got to keep in mind!

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  1. Someone was watching over him and you

  2. When my daughter had her license about a year, she slid on a slushy road into a tree! Totalled the Ford Taurus, but all three girls in the car walked away from it. My daughter got a nosebleed from the airbag hitting her. It is now 8 years later and she has been a much safer driver, especially in snow. Plus, she will lecture anyone to no end if you do not have your seat belt on! (which is why they all walked away from that accident). So I hope it has the same effect on your son. Looking back on it, I think it was a good lesson, although the insurance company would probably disagree. She was so traumatized she would not drive at all for 3 months, but eventually came out of it and is much more aware and responsible now.

  3. We all need defensive driving and an Angel with us

  4. Scary!! I'm glad he's okay. And my mom was actually a defensive driving instructor for school bus drivers, so she hammered that point into my brain HARD!! I have managed to avoid at least half a dozen accidents just by anticipating other people's idiocy. I bet Jake will now too!


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