Friday, March 4, 2011

A Svelt Movie Review

Lately I've had several people tell me that I am skinny. I am not skinny, but I have slimmed down quite a bit over the last 7 months since I began a low carb diet. I started cutting carb on a fluke. We had just returned from our trip to Alaska and I had the TV on in the afternoon. (Usually I do not watch daytime TV) Dr. Oz was on and he was talking about different types of diets based on a person's genetics and body type. I can't remember the specifics of each diet, but the low carb diet spoke to me. I remember him saying that fat will just melt off of you under the right circumstances. So I decide to cut the carbs. It really wasn't too hard and fat did start melting off me. When I go to parties or get togethers I tend to spurge on carbs, but not like I used to.

A friend of mine pointed out a pic of me from that was taken at the beginning of our Alaska trip (and I gained weight on the trip!) She said I had lost a lot of weight. When I took a good look at the pic I realized how much I have slimmed down. Here is a comparison.That friend and others have asked how I did it and I say low carbs. The response is usually~ I couldn't do that! Then I encourage them to cut out the obvious carbs like simple sugars. I also point out that I am not perfect with my diet and I am doing fine. Low carbs...and wearing the right clothes!!!

I have turned a few people onto the low carb state of mind, including my mother in law. The other day she sent me a link to a documentary on Hulu called Fat Head by Tom Naughton. She said it was a pro low carb movie so I checked it out right away. I really liked it and ended up watching it a 2nd time that evening with my hubby. Now he's hooked on low carb. We ended up going into the kitchen and throwing out some food right away. I've been eating low carb long enough that it should be easy to cut out what I've been buying for the family and make the switch for all of us. The kids are thrilled~ NOT!

Here is a description of the movie~
This movie will change your life! The USDA guidelines and standard nutritional advice is making us sick, fat and diabetic. Tom Naughton's FAT HEAD is a humorous documentary film that challenges many of our misconceptions about what makes a healthy diet. Vegetable oils as well as sugars and starches are the root causes of metabolic syndrome, not saturated fat.

I highly encourage everyone to see this movie. I know not all will like it or believe it, but I found it to be very eye-opening! Part one of the movie focuses on debunking the movie Super Size. Tom Naughton eats a diet of only fast food for a month. I've seen lots of criticisms that this part is too long, but I think it lays the foundation for proving the misconceptions wrong. Yes, our government, the food industry, and even the medical community have been steering us wrong for years. What I really took from this part is to use your brain. No one forces to eat fast food and other crap, but it is readily available. I could never eat fast food like that. Ick! I don't think that he was saying that a fast food diet is good for you, but you can make choices about what you do eat. I never thought that the fast food industry or even the food industry in general was forcing me to eat anything!

Here is an excerpt from the film~
The movie maker is funny, informative, and he appears to be a Cubs fan...but don't hold that against him! I too am a Cubs fan!

I'm 7 months into low carb and I don't even really think about it anymore~ it's my lifestyle! What really blows me away is that I have achieved a 20+ lb weight loss without much exercise. In fact it's been so cold all winter that I have not exercised. I am not claiming I am totally healthy at all. I know that I need to exercise and stretch. With the impending arrival of spring, walking has resumed.

I plan on watching Fat Head a few more times and do some of the suggested reading so that I can truly reverse the thinking that has been so engraved in my brain over the years. I'm going to start with Why We Get Fat: And What To Do About It by Gary Taubes. It's supposed to explain the science behind it all in terms that most can understand. Make sure you check out Fat Head soon! I am not sure how long it will be on Hulu, but you can probably find it at your local library.