Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shopping & Purging

We've been very laid back around here over the past few days. On Friday I took the kiddos to a children's museum that we've never been too. We met up with some friends and everyone had a good time. The girls had a lot of fun putting on a puppet show for us.Yesterday I got up and headed up to Kohl's as they were having a big sale and I had a 30% off coupon. Even though it had turned cold again this week, I was determined to get some new clothes for spring/summer. When we got that warm up early in the week I pulled out my warmer weather clothes and they were so boring and baggy. The pants that I thought make me look slimmer were just frumpy! I know that the right clothes are key in looking & feeling slimmer, so I needed to ditch those! I was very pleased to find lots of new clothes. I was even more pleased to be down 2 pants sizes from last summer. I ended up getting 16 items (tops & bottoms) for just under $200! I came home and tried everything on for hubby and then went through my drawers & closet and PURGED a lot of clothes! I also rediscovered a few nice pieces of clothing that now fit again. Biggest bonus was finding ca$h in the pocket of 2 pants! I don't carry a purse so I end up leaving cash here and there. Only $17 between the 2 pants this time! I ended up getting rid of way more than 16 items. DH was motivated and went through and ditched a lot of his clothes too.

This morning I took the tags off one of the new pants I got and wore them with a cute shirt I already had. I didn't take long before I realized that the pants are a little big on me! I plan on losing a little more weight, so these pants are going to be way too big. I am going to keep the tags on the 2nd pair I got and exchange them for the next size down when I go to Kohl's to redeem my Kohl's Cash next week. I'm hoping that I can shrink the pair I am wearing today!

Last night we went to a birthday party and I am happy to say that both DH & I stuck with the low-carbs options. Instead of birthday cake we had a low-carb frozen treat that we made. I'll share that recipe along with a great new low-carb snack that a friend brought tomorrow.