Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reality Wrap

Sometimes I wonder why I post a reality wrap because just a few people read it...but I love these shows!!Survivor~ Outside of the reactions to tribal on Rob's team, we hardly saw them. All the focus was on Russell's team or rather the team formerly known as Russell's. Bwah-ha-ha! Many many people were soooo happy that Russell was voted off. I am glad the rumors my husband shared were not true...Russell & Rob didn't have automatic immunity. I think how it's funny that Russell was dissing on the 'old lady' and she had them believing that she was secretly on their side...and bam, she wasn't. I know I picked Stephanie to win but she was sure grasping for anything at tribal. No need for Russell to hope his big mouth because she was running hers. I do think that Julie has it right...they throw the challenge and momentum will go to the other side. The challenge between Matt & Russell should be interesting! I am guessing by the previews that a good chunk of time will be focused on Redemption Island.Amazing Race~ Every time I write this up I want to start out by saying how much I adore this show. It's truly my fav! I was soooo hoping that the Gingers were a goner last night. The 'accident' really didn't put them that far behind because they showed up at the road block with other teams there. It surprised me that whichever one it was that did the road block didn't do better. They are dancers and I thought they'd sail through it. Both those detour tasks looked COLD!! I would have HATED to get into that cold water and probably would have cried 'I want my mama' too! I think the best way to deal with the mud challenge was to make a game out of it. Poor Mel & Mike!! I really liked them and Mel wasn't about to give up, but it was so cold out there! They knew their days were numbered on the show. Gallory are super strong this race and I think could be in the top 3, but Zev & Justin are still my pick to win!!

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  1. I watch all things reality, so I know what you're talking about here! I liked the idea of Redemption Island at first, but I think I'm going to miss some of the island banter we'll lose because of it. :(

  2. I got hooked on Survivor while recovering from surgery and have only missed one season (China). When my daughters class went on a 4 day trip during the finale of Austrailia, I put together reward challenges for the kids-rice cakes, gummy worms for real worms, etc. It went over great because her teacher would play survivor games in school and the winner would get an extra 5 points on the next text. So keep posting-I will be watching tonight!


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