Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reality Wrap- Week 6

Survivor~ I really thought they might ditch Sarita before Stephanie, but they were dumb and stuck with their questionable alliance. I think things will get exciting once they merge.

Amazing Race~ India is always a tough leg! I really like how they tied the tea together into this leg. It seems as if the people who used their noses did much better on the roadblock. The teams that chose to paint on the detour did a good job. I would have picked the book delivery.

Celebrity Apprentice~ This episode wasn't as good as the previous ones. I think that Star, Marlee, & Nene are smart to stick together. The other girls will fall by the wayside. The guys team was strong and their risk worked out. I think Lil' Jon worked the crowd well and his keywords of viral, cook, & super bowl commercial really helped them win. I am glad that Dionne is gone, but I am surprised that she folded like that. Star is right...fight for your charity. I think if the girls lose again then Donald will mix them up.

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  1. Smart move getting rid of Stephanie--she's dangerous.

    Dionne Warwick (?) is a bully, plain and simple. She is horribly mean and arrogant and deserved to have someone tell her "No" for once. Did you see how everyone was afraid of her?? Sheesh. BULLY. I'm glad she's gone. I think she was daring Trump to stand up to her.


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