Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reality Wrap- Week 5

Survivor~ It was quite boring and predictable, as I think the next few weeks will be. It's possible that Andrea would go before Phillip *IF* they get any inkling of her conspiring with Phillip. It would be interesting to see her go up against Matt at Redemption.

Amazing Race~
The goths sure pulled it together this leg. They were SMART to U-Turn the gingers. Yes there were other teams behind you, but you never know if your taxi went the wrong way and they were ahead...so they had to U-Turn someone they knew was behind them. Not sure it mattered so much cause the gingers sailed through the other side of the detour...it was the dino puzzle that did them in. Gallory was smart to use their Express Pass. They were dead last and you could tell it was a difficult task. Cowboys (was it Cord that did the task?) were smart to keep looking at the diagram to make sure it was right and they were rewarded with 1st place and $$!! They are looking stronger and stronger and should be around in the final 3. Zev & Justin have been struggling as of late. I still think they are one of the strongest teams and should/could be in the final 3.

Celebrity Apprentice~ This was a fun task to watch. Both teams seemed to be very disorganized, but the men had the signage, music, & greenery on the outside that made the difference. The RVs basically sell themselves! I have to say that Jose Conseco seems worthless! Of course it could be the editing, but I think his verbal oppositions and his body language say a lot. I can't imagine that he's around for the long haul. Nikki was a class act by taking the responsibility for the loss. Not exactly ratings worthy, but she handled it well.