Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reality Wrap- Week 4

Survivor~ All I can say is Russell is a big CRY BABY!!!
image by TxPurpleSky
Amazing Race~ The Goths are sure self-destructing. They started out with such a good attitude, but that went to the way side immediately. I seriously doubt they will be able to recover and avoid Philimination! Both Ron & Christina are over the top and I *REALLY* hope they are booted soon. So annoying! I think the Globetrotters redeemed themselves by telling the bus to stop for them. Zev struggled with Roadblock, but he stuck with it. That guy who was handing out the clue was looking quite annoyed. The place where the yaks was so beautiful! Everyone was so worn out from this leg and I am sure the altitude took a lot out of them...and they had to keep racing. I LOVE this show!!

Celebrity Apprentice~ I admit it...I watched. I had no plans to, but I was looking for a show on Hulu the other night and I remember people saying what a jerk Hatch was being...so I watched. I found it quite entertaining! At least the first episode was. I wasn't familiar with Lil Jon or John Rich, but they are both strong competitors. Gary Busey is something else!!! Too many drugs & head injuries...although he does a good job of playing it up. Hatch was sooo rude at the first board room!! Not surprising at all!! For the 2nd episode I thought that they might want to fire Dionne as to keep the war being Star & Lisa going, but Lisa is honest so she was gone. And Trump was right...she looks so much better with the reduction of her botox lips. I didn't enjoy the 2nd episode as much as the first, but I think it will be a good season!