Monday, February 28, 2011

Reality Wrap

2 weeks in and I am loving the new seasons of Survivor and Amazing Race!

Survivor~ I love a blindside. It doesn't matter if I like the person being blindsided or the alliance doing the blindside~ it's entertainment! The best part is the shocked looked on the faces of those affected!! Andrea was sure shocked that her boy-toy was sent packing. The previews make it look like she retaliates, but I don't think she has a leg to stand on against Rob. Hubby said he read online that Rob & Russell have automatic immunity through the merge...but it wasn't disclosed on TV. We'll see. I really think that Redemption Island is a way for them to keep Rob & Russell in the show. Based on the previews the face-off at Redemption is a challenge...and I believe that the producers have several challenges in their back pockets and they will pick and choose which to have the contestants do based on the weather and who they might want to win. So let's say Russell is going up against someone at Redemption who is physically weak then they might actually have it be a wrestling dual. Or if Rob were up against someone who is strong then they might have him do a puzzle challenge. I know that these so called reality shows aren't real life and I do believe that the producers manipulate outcomes...but I am still a fan! I think it's funny that farmer boy got the immunity idol. Russell is talking like he's an idiot...we'll see. Phillip is sure a hot mess! He makes Coach look stable and normal. Cracks me up. I sure hope he sticks around because his craziness is entertainment. Rob's comments about him are so FUNNY! Rob was smart to have him vote for Kristina because it was proof of loyalty to both. Rob knows that he can control Phillip and Phillip can redeem himself from his claims at the first tribal that he's honest and loyal. I am going to enjoy seeing Rob controlling the Phillip puppet strings!! I loved it when they put up Special Agent? next to his name.

Amazing Race~ far Ron is not being as mean as he was to Christina on their original season but he's driving me nuts. He was going on and on about how Mallory didn't know what she was doing. He was the clueless one. I think they will be bottom feeders and get philiminated within the next few episodes. My hubby pointed out that they are showing them and how they are using Chinese to communicate. Maybe they will be booted when they are in China. Next week is Japan and the following week is China. I sure felt bad for Mel & Mike last night. I really like them, but they persevered and had a respectable finish. I was surprised that the leading teams couldn't find To Sail to Shop~ why not use the internet? Cowboys sure recovered after bumbling along the first day! I was thoroughly entertained by the teams dressed up as kangaroos. That was too funny! I still think that Zev & Justin are the strongest and will win. Poor Chris & Amanda...I bet that hate U-turn signs when they drive! LOL!