Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm spoiled!

My mini van isn't perfect. One of the power sliding doors has had an issue ever since we got it and we recently paid to have it fixed...again. But for the most part I love my van. It has some features that I am really spoiled by. Power sliding doors (when they work!), remote keyless locks, remote starter, back up sensors, all the little things on the dash that measure things and lets me know when there is an issue, built in entertainment, etc. My favorite feature is the automatic lights. I never have to turn them off and on, so I never leave anything on to drain the battery. There is even a feature that automatically turns off the lights or inside lights that are left on so that battery isn't drained.

My hubby's car is another story. He got the used old Audi a few months ago and we've had all kinds of issues. It has thrown the alternator belt several times. Luckily he can fix it. The last time he put a new one on he said it was super tight and he thinks it might be OK now. It drove without issue for an entire week, but on Friday he left the lights on while at work and it was DEAD when he went to come home. The teen zipped up with jumper cables to give it a jump but it didn't work. Later DH looked in the owner's manual and realized that the alarm was engaged, which killed the engine. Most of the time he leaves it unlocked but there has been a rash of vandalism in our area (including one a block away) so he is starting to lock the vehicle. That lock is what engaged the alarm. We were able to jump start it right away yesterday, which inspired this post.The super cold winter has not been helpful with the Audi issues. It's just been too cold to tinker with it beyond what he's had to do! I know he's been frustrated and is thinking of getting a different vehicle in the spring. I just hope he's able to get rid of ALL the parts that came with the car (fills up nearly 1/2 the garage) and not lost too much money on it. The outside of the car looks GREAT for a 91!I am very thankful that our van has been very reliable and know that I am spoiled by it's extra features!!