Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amazing Race & Survivor RETURNS!!!

My favs are back on! w00t!

Survivor~ I must admit that I was not thrilled with the return of Boston Rob & Russell, but I was thoroughly entertained on Wed night! These people they are playing with are SOOOO dumb...especially on Rob's team. They have stars in their eyes cause of the VIP players. Whatever!!! And Mr. Super Secret Super Spy~ he is an ODD duck. And could they please give him some SHORTS???? His fuchsia BVDs are just too much! I'm a little bummed that Francesca is out because she had some GREAT confessionals!! I think Boston Rob will keep us entertained with his assessments!

I forgot my record for guessing the winner, but it's dropped to under 50%. I was off by 1 vote last season. I picked Chase after the first episode and he got 4 votes in the final. I think I should get partial credit!!! I really have no feelings about this new season, but I am going to go with the Russell alliance and say that Stephanie wins. I am not saying I am a Russell fan, but his little flirty right-hand girly won both the seasons he played...so I will go with the same for this and say Stephanie. I just read on her bio the following~
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: If Parvati and Russell had a love child, it would be me. We'll see....

Amazing Race: Unfinished Biz~ I am very excited about this season. I like the concept of unfinished biz...these teams couldn't win last time and now they are back. I don't remember much about Amanda & Kris, but I thought that it was funny that they got philiminated the first time due to a U-turn and they started out this race with a U-turn. Doesn't look like it will matter as they are way out in front due to an in-air emergency on the first flight. I can't believe how poorly the cowboys are doing. It's like they have no umph! I am neutral on many teams, but I never cared for the Gingers. I like Gallory (Gary-Mallory), Zev & Justin, and Mike & Mel. I think Mel is looking younger and more fit this season, but the previews look like he hurts himself next week. Bummer! No idea who wins this...I think it could be just about any of them except Flight Time & Big Easy or Mike & Mel....probably not the Goths or Jenn & Kisha either. I think overall Zev & Justin are the strongest.

OK fans...time for you to comment!!