Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday is the new Wednesday

Last school year Wednesday was my super busy day of the week. I was always stressed out and exhausted by Thursday so I changed things around this year. First off, I got into a carpool for Dori's preschool. The kids attend 4 days a week and her school is across town (out town isn't very big!) and I drive just one day a week. The school is a cooperative so the parents help out in the classroom. I told the scheduler that I don't want to work on Wednesday, but any other day is fine. It's worked out that my regular day is Thursday. So I drive carpool, work in the class, take kids home, go home for enough time to let the dog out and grab some lunch, take Dori to Little Gym, maybe run a quick errand, then then pick up the boy(s) from school. Thursdays also happen to be busy for me work wise because I have clients that want to get stuff done by the weekend, so I always have a lot on my plate. Throw in an evening activity (band concert or such) and I've spend most of the day gone. So Wednesday is fairly laid back for me now (DH works from home and I only volunteer a few times a month at Parker's school) and Thursday is the crazy day. The nice thing about it all is that Dori doesn't have school on Friday, so that is our very laid back morning. I am awake (on laptop in bed) a little earlier than I like for a Friday morning, but I went to sleep before 11...which is early for me.

Speaking of sleep and school, yesterday was hibernation day at Dori's school. We all got to wear our jammies and hide out in the cave all morning. The kids were super cute and excited to be in their jammies. They each brought a stuffed animal and a book. Here are a few cute shots from the day.
Yes...I wear a Devo tshirt to bed!!

I wish we could have stayed in PJs all day, but we couldn't. Today might be a PJ day!!