Monday, January 17, 2011

Quiet Weekend

It's been a lazy, quiet weekend around here. Dh & the tween went skiing with the youth group up. I was able to capture this shot of them on the snowcam. DH has skied several times but it was the tween's first time. He opted for snowboarding. DH got him a private lesson and he caught on quickly. He's one of those kids that can scurry up a pole or tree in a few seconds, so I figured he'd do well. DH ended up getting a snowboard yesterday and he said he did OK. I am wondering how sore he is today! They are heading home and the weather between there and here does not look good, so I am hoping for safe travels.

The teen has been in and out all weekend. Dori & I have just been hanging out. I started having wrist pain on Friday afternoon and thought that maybe it was carpal tunnel, but I am not sure. I've iced & rested it quite a bit this weekend and they feel better this morning. With it being so cold this winter I've been inside and online quite a bit which I think is adding stress to my wrists. I need to limit my time on the computer! That means I need to be more purposeful with what I do online. I don't want my business to suffer!

Hope you've had a nice weekend!