Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Emotional Friday my hubby completed his masters degree in December. We had a party for him 3 weeks ago and about 2 weeks ago his degree appeared on his transcripts. So he's been getting lots of calls from recruiters for positions similar to what he does now. Most are for other cities and many are contract positions. No thank you!

He did apply to this one position in management in the area he's been working in for the past several years. He was contacted for an interview last week and got confirmation this week that the interview was to be on Friday. He wanted to make sure he looked professional and thought he'd wear his blue blazer. I wasn't sure if guys wore them anymore so I did some searching online. We discovered that grey flannel or wool pants were the best bet to go with the blazer. He has Docker type pants, but not any dressy slacks so we went shopping last Saturday. I knew Bergner's was having a good sale and I knew the guy that worked in the men's department there was very knowledgeable on mens fashion. The guy was swamped with customers but we waited and he helped find the right fitting pants for DH. Since it's winter he decided to forgo a tie and wear a sweater instead. I think he looked very nice & professional (and sexy...can I put that on my blog???) A few months ago he wouldn't have worn argyle, but I am glad I talked him into it!!Anyway, right after I took this photo he told me that he posted about his interview on FB. WHAT? I totally freaked out. He had said that he wasn't going to tell anyone about the interview. He told me to go post the pic and tag him as he was talking out the door. OMG~ I was a bundle of NERVES!!! I ran to FB and read that he posted about the specific position he was interviewing for...that freaked me out even more! But there is something you need to know about my hubby and I...we really balance each other. When faced with something stressful only one of us will freak out at a time. One stresses and the other doesn't. That doesn't mean that one of us is always stressed out and the other is calm, but at challenging times that is the case. (Like when we travel...I'm usually the calm one!) I knew that my freaking out meant that DH was completely calm with his interview. I wasn't worried about how he'd do at the interview (I'd knew he'd do a great job and they'd like him...he's a super likable guy), I was just nervous about people knowing and just nervous for him. Any nervousness he might have had was transferred to me right before he walked out the door.

So when he got home 3 hours later...guess what? He was CALM! He said the interview went well and he wasn't nervous at all. He was not surprised that I was an emotional wreck. He told me all the details and how well it went. He ended up knowing/having a connection with everyone on the interview committee and his one-on-one one with the supervisor went well. They are interviewing 5 people total which means there is no hook up. (Sometimes these positions are posted even though they know who they are going to which case they will interview 2 or 3.) Hubby said that if they don't hire him then they are getting a super fantastic candidate. He also feels that he made a good impression so if there is a stronger candidate for this position then they might consider him for other positions in the future. I am proud of him!!

So it took me a while to calm down from my nerves. Once I talked to him I wasn't nervous anymore, but my tummy was still in knots. In fact, it really hurt after I had some lunch. I didn't end up eating any dinner until 8:30. I took a little cat nap (12 mins to be exact) around 3pm and then we walked the dog which really helped me out. But by the time we went to bed I was exhausted. I looked back at the day and realized that I did not accomplish much, but I was a very supportive wife! LOL! DH hopes to hear within a week about the position. They didn't talk about a start date, but it's another department within the company so he'd be able to transfer over soon. It would be awesome on a few levels. First all the benefits would be the same and we wouldn't have to change insurance or anything. He'd keep all the vacation & sick days (they get A LOT!! Even after taking 5 weeks off last summer for Alaska he has over 30 days on the books now!). We are assuming that pay would be higher as it's management and he now has a masters. AND~ how kewl would it be to get a 'promotion' so soon after completing his Masters? With the economy he figured he'd be stuck where he is for a while. The only way to get a bump in pay is to get increase for just getting his masters due to the nature of the position.

Anyway, I am super proud of my hubby and I hope he gets the position!!

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  1. What a day for both of you! Eric, you look very professional, and best of luck for some good news you got the job!

  2. He does look very professional and I hope he lands the job.

    We bought Joe a suit when he interviewed a couple of years ago. I think you have to have a jacket and a tie--always. Let us know how he makes out!

  3. He definitely is a likable guy, and I hope-hope-HOPE he gets the job!!


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