Thursday, January 13, 2011

I ♥ My Stained Glass Panel

When we remodeled the kitchen in the fall I decided that I wanted a stained glass panel to hang in the window above the kitchen sink. We used to have some basic lacy curtains, but I didn't want a valance or any fabric in the window.

I spent a few months searching for the right panel and/or stained glass artist. Most of that searching was on Etsy. I fav'd several shops and items but I could not find something that would fit above the sink. I ended up contacting 2 shop owners at Etsy and explained what I was looking for. Both had suggestions for me, but I really like what Addy at Sandhill Shores Studio had to offer. I was able to find various bits of things I liked from several of her creations and she came up with a great design for me.I wanted a few colors from our Tiffany light fixture to be included, but I didn't want it to be completely mission/prairie style. I really liked the circles that I saw in many of Addy's creations and she incorporated them as well as a large bevel into my design.

Here are pictures of the panel that Addy took before she shipped my panel.Here are photos of it hanging in our window. I wish I was a better photographer! The sun is so far south right now, but it will be interesting to watch the different shadows and colors that are cast throughout the year. I realized today that we hung it backwards! Although I think it will look good either way.Here is a cool reflection that it cast on the wall the other morning.Here are pics we took yesterday.Yes~ my neighbor's house isn't the prettiest thing, but I look up at the sky through the window and don't really notice it!

Updated: Here is a photo I just took this morning! I am loving these COOL reflections from the bevel!!

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  1. I love it! very pretty, I am sure it is even better in person thos kind of things just don't come through in photos very well.


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