Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Day!

It's the beginning of the second semester around here. Boys are already at school and my daughter is getting picked up for carpool in about 35 mins. Oh happy day!!! It's even SUNNY out. YES~ it's cold...but we are in a nice weather pattern with SUN everyday. The sun is streaming in the kitchen window and spilling out across the room in front of me. I am expecting a package any day now with the custom stained glass panel I ordered for that window. I can't wait!!

Speaking of house, I haven't talked much about it in a while. We are slowly but surely getting everything done. DH stained the new stairs and installed them over break. Not a great photo (from my phone), but you get the idea~
We still need to remove the wallpaper, paint, and put the railings up. After that we just have decorating left. I will work that in when I can. I stop by a local home consignment shop each week (while Parker is at piano lessons) and have come up with a few neat things for the house. I just *LOVE* this mirror we have hanging between the kitchen and living room. It was in an area that was a little dark. I love the Fleur de Lis look of it and how the silver looks with the stainless appliances.
I also got some great pillows for the sofa. They look good with the wall color and will help bridge the brown in the sofas and floor with the black accents that I plan on decorating with. I've already purchased a damask fabric for another pillow covering and for some wall panels. I need to come up with some fabric art to help absorb sound.
The new year has started with a bang work wise. I had a few inquiries in the last 2 weeks of December, but people were busy with the holidays and not ready to move forward. Now all of a sudden lots of people are contacting me for a blog design or other custom work. I guess with the new year that people want a new look. I hope this is a reflection on how 2011 will be. I had an earning goal in mind for 2010 but I was unable to reach that with taking so much time off to go to Alaska in the summer. I am going to be more purposeful with taking time for the family in 2011, but I probably won't take much time off vacation wise. No specific summer vacation plans at this point, but maybe we will come up with something. My guess would be 10 days in San Francisco, but who knows? That is an inexpensive trip as we have someone to stay with there. We do have TONS of airline miles too so we might be able to get a free flight. I do know that our next vacation will only be with 2 kids. The teen is just not interested in vacation...which is fine by me. I'd rather take willing participants. OK...I need to get back and focus on the NOW. Lots on tap before the summer...especially for the teen who just started his last semester of high school a few minutes ago!