Saturday, January 8, 2011

Do you HULU?

We like to watch TV, but for the most part we don't want a lot of TV. With working from home I have the opportunity to watch a lot of TV, but I don't. I watch most of my TV online. The only show that I watch as it airs is Amazing Race. We will record Survivor to watch, but nearly everything else I like is online. Most of the time I go to Hulu to watch. It's easy to find the show I want right away and I usually don't have issues with the streaming.

One thing I like to do (which helps turn my brain off before I go to sleep) is to watch a show online. Since many of my regular shows were reruns for the past month or so I went in search of some new stuff online. I recently found House Hunters listed at the front page on Hulu. I've enjoyed trying to guess which house the people were going to pick in their house hunt. I don't think it's a show I would be interested in if we hadn't recently remodeled our house and gotten it to where we love it. Otherwise I'd have house envy. I've scrolled through and watched all available episodes. I did get a recommendation of a similar show which I watched last night, My First Place, but that didn't grab me like House Hunters.

Do you ever watch Hulu/shows online? Or do you have cable channels with lots of options? How do you turn your brain off at night before you go to sleep?