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Wordless Wednesday: A Girl & Her Dog

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I use PITA to describe things & people, but lately I've been experiencing PITB~ pain in the back. I've been having troubles with my back being sore before. I can't quite remember when the pain started, but there was a point about 4 years ago that it was so bad that I went to a Dr and had some PT. The PT was most helpful and I still use the stretches and exercise that I learned there to help cope when it is sore. I thought maybe I wouldn't have issues with my back since I've dropped a decent chunk of weight (15#+ ??) over the last 2 months, but it never seems to be weight dependent. I think I know what caused the issues this time~ laying in bed using the laptop. Sitting upright with my legs stretched out in front of me is killer. When we were remodeling I lost my work area. I haven't gone to set it back up but we do have a table set up in our bedroom. It's right by the window so this might be my new work spot. I just wish it had a prettier view! I am only really sore when I bend, twist, or lift. I can only sit in a regular chair (nothing stuffed) and I have to sit perfectly with my knees at a 90 degree angle. If I cross my ankles or sit crooked I am sore. I slept much better last night as I found a comfortable position that does not put pressure on my back. We also have a TempurPedic bed, which really helps with aches and pains. The soreness/pain seems to be centered around my lower back, but the Dr & PT think that it's weakness in my upper back that causes my lower back to compensate. I'll keep up the TLC and should be fine in a few days.

Do you have any reoccurring aches and pains that you deal with?

Happy Birthday to my son!

Monday, September 27, 2010

12 years ago today my 2nd son was born (so was Google! LOL!) It's hard for me to believe my baby boy is 12 yrs old. I know he's not a baby anymore, but he will always be a baby in my heart. Parker is a very sweet and caring young man. He's begun to be very mindful of his responsibilities and we are very proud of him. Here are some fun pics of him from our trip to Alaska this summer. I think he's grown an inch since then!

Survivor Recap

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Since last night's episode of Survivor was so entertaining I am posting about it today. I think an appropriate title for the episode would have been Shoes & Socks & Weirdos, Oh My! How did they cast such loonies? First off, Holly just lost it. Why would she take the snails and dump them out? If she didn't want to eat any she should have just kept her trap shut and let them alone. Of course the others are going to say something about her for dumping their food. I think she was trying to stir things up. Looking for an easy way out. Of course Coach Jimmy comes to the rescue and convinces her to be strong and not quit. I don't think that Jimmy has a chance to win, but he sure is a good motivator!!

Then we switch to the young tribe and Nay goes nutty. She sure has an attitude. I actually started liking Fabio this episode. He didn't do any thing against Nay and she attacked him. He was smart at tribal telling Shannon to zip it! Kelly B was one tough competitor and Nay is just way too judgmental about her. She would have flipped if someone made the judgments about her that she made about Kelly B.

I have go to say that the young tribe is playing it smart from the get go. Usually the first boot from each team is the weakest or the craziest. While Shannon just kept spouting at the mouth and digging himself in deeper, he was a physically strong player. Both team's first boots just kept droning on and on at tribal and put nails in their own coffin. Shannon was so stupid and people were STUNNED by what he said to Sash and about New York. What a narrow minded idiot!

The other day I picked Chase as the winner. I had decided it was going to be a guy and I just randomly picked one. I think that Brenda has him under her spell AND Shannon called him out so I don't see him lasting. It might be my age (yup...I would be in the older tribe!) but I hope that someone from the older tribe wins. I really like Jill. Her little alliance with Marty could be a very good thing and could propel both of them to the end.

What did you think??

Wordless Wednesday: Camo Pup

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tues & Reality Wrap

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I realize that I haven't posted much lately. Things are slowly shifting away from the kitchen remodel. It's not done, but we are awaiting the counter tops. No counters means no sink, so it's still simple eating around here. I've done a pretty good job of sticking to my low-carb diet. I've not done a very good job of convincing the family that they need to eat fruit & veggies with their microwave meals. I have a wonderful neighbor who lets me come over a few days a week to cut up my veggies, hard-boil eggs, and do some dishes. Dori likes to go over because she has fancy cable channels and can watch Nick.Last week we missed Survivor. We didn't know it had even started. When a friend posted SURVIVOR!!! on FB last Wed I asked if it started the next night. She responded that it was on right then. She's in PST, so we totally missed it and had no idea it has started. We watched online the next day. Survivor has gotten stale, so I am happy to see the changes this season. I love the young vs. old. I had no idea that was what they were going to do, so I was shocked when he said 'everyone 40 & older on one team and 30 & under on the other!' The medallion of power is quite interesting too. Old team messed up by not using it, but I think they will next week and the youngins will go to tribal. Goat woman was adding extra nails to her coffin by going on and on at tribal. We just wanted Jeff to interrupt and let them vote! Jimmy Johnson is an interesting pick for the cast. Not sure he will stick around very long. That Fabio kid on the young team is such a ditz!

No one really sticks out in my mind at this point as someone I really like or hate. In fact, I need to go look up who is on the cast. I always make a prediction of who will win after the first episode and my guesses as of late have NOT been good at all. So once again I will guess. I am going to say it's a guy this time. Looking at their thumbnail mugshots...I am picking Chase. We'll have to refer to this post when the finale airs in December and see if I am right.

Kitchen Update

Sunday, September 19, 2010

DH goes back to work tomorrow but I can say that he's done an AMAZING job with the kitchen over the last 2 weeks. We are now waiting on the counter and have some other small things to do, but we've been able to move most things back into the kitchen/dining room. This picture was taken on Friday.

My Marching Kids

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Last night was the first night of the season that my son's marching band wore their uniforms. The football team played the #1 team in the state and got slaughtered, but the band looked & sounded good. I created this little marching band uniform for Dori. She was so excited to match her sousaphone toting brother. Sorry for the poor photo quality!

I am loving this moment...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Do you ever want a moment to not end? I know there are those special occasions or locations, but I am also talking about an ordinary moment. Right now is one of those. It's a nice cool morning and we have the windows open. Both DH & I are laying here (with our laptops) and Dori crawled in between us and fell asleep. It's so nice, cool, and peaceful. I am very close to falling back to sleep as if there isn't a care in the world. BUT~ this is DH's last day of vacation, he's got lots of homework, we need to go order the counter for the kitchen, I've got 2 blog installs to do, I've got to be somewhere in 2 hours...so this little bubble must pop. But I will soak the moment in, because I am sure things will be crazy busy hectic by this afternoon and I will have forgotten all about this moment.

Wordless Wednesday: Dinner in a Bag

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can't wait for a fully functioning kitchen!

Kitchen Renovation Update

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've finally downloaded pics off the camera and I'm going to update you on the renovation.

Day 5

Electrical lines & vent moved.Microwave plug moved.3rd layer of underlayment~
Day 6

Flooring installed
Days 7-9

Walls patched (plastic up to keep the dust down)~
Day 10

Chai Spice going on the wall!!Dated the remodel & put our names upThe kiddos & cousins signed the wall!First cabinet being put up!!You are ALL now witnesses to the truth!3 cabinets up! w00t!
Day 11

Pebble Path on the back wall~Chai Spice meets Pebble Path~Kitchen view~Microwave installed~Top cabinets finished on the one side and refrigerator moved into place!

Renovation Update

Monday, September 13, 2010

Things have slowed down with the renovation over the last several days. Eric is in his last semester of grad school and has had a lot homework to do. We also had a very busy weekend, but it's back to work today! Since my last update the patching & repair of the walls has been completed and the flooring was installed. Today is painting and we hope to start putting in cabinets tomorrow.

I've order this fabulous light for the kitchen!I need to purchase the ceiling fan for the dining room. I also need to order hardware for the cabinets. We will have all the big things in place by the time that Eric goes back to work next Monday, but a lot of little things will still need to be done.

Wordless Wednesday: Garage Gourmet

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What do you do when you are remodeling and have no kitchen?Cook on the table saw!I should have used a crock pot condom! Oops!

Kitchen Remodel Days 3 & 4

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eric has been working hard on the kitchen. Yesterday he did all the wall prep with patching and putting up Kilz. Our BIL built out the soffit. We are not fans of the soffit, but when they were built they took the place of the ceiling. If we take them out then there is A LOT of ceiling to put in. Instead we extended the soffit out to where the edge of the cabinets will go on the dining room side. Our BIL is a master with detail work like this and we are so thankful that he's offered to help.Here are the walls~I got involved by picking up more paint samples. I made 3 trips up to the home improvement store and came up with these colors~We really like them and went ahead and purchased enough of what we need for kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Today was going to be an electrical day (with taking out a wall we have several electrical lines that need to be relocated to another location), but our flooring is going to be installed on Thursday so the plans changed up a little bit. Eric has spent the whole day prepping the floor. The under layment below the linoleum that Eric scraped up is really rough so he has decided to put a layer on top of it. So he has been cutting pieces of wood to fit in the unlevel spots, put 2 layers on the dining room area to raise it to the height of the kitchen floor, and will be putting a layer on top of the entire area. He has made LOTS of trips up and down the stairs, and bending down to nail...he's going to be more than ready for bed tonight!



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