Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Ramble

With a sigh of relief, I can say that life has finally slowed down for us. DH has completed his mater's degree and the kids are home on winter break. A few of us have been running fevers so we are just laying low inside. It's been super cold and snowy this winter already so we've been inside a lot. The 5 year old has always been OK if she didn't get out and get exercise, but lately she's been getting very silly & squirrely. I much prefer that over grumpy or wild! LOL!

Things have slowed down enough that I have been able to do a little sewing. I've made some doll clothes (as seen in my previous post) and some heating pads.I make heating pads with fleece and rice. I'll get a 25# or 50# bag of rice from Sams and fleece and stitch away. I use to make these and sell at our local farmer's market 6+ years ago, but now I just make them for us or for gifts. The large pink one has lines of stitching to help hold the rice in place for a back pad. I stitch in the lines first and then fill with rice. These heating pads are just awesome for cold feet or sore muscles. I cannot fall asleep without one by my feet at night. If you don't sew you can still make one. The grey one is just a soft tube sock. I filled it with rice and tied off the end. You heat these in the microwave for 1-3 mins depending on the size and power of your microwave. They will stay warm for a long time, especially if they are under a blanket. After a few months, if they don't retain heat as long you can put a cup of water in the microwave when you heat them so that moisture gets back into the rice.

Recently I've done something I've not done in YEARS! I've tucked my shirt in!! This isn't the best photo cause I tried to take it myself, but I've finally felt thin enough to tuck in!!Low-carb dieting really works for me! I've been pretty naughty over the past month with the holidays, but for the most part I've continued to cut out simple carbs. (OK...I've gone overboard with desserts!) I don't think I've put on more than a few pounds because I can tuck in my shirts! w00t!! And with all the cold and snow I have not been walking as much. Poor dog is missing lots of walks! I am already so ready for winter to be OVER!!!!!!!!!!

We don't have much on tap this week. DH works through Thursday and then is off until Jan 3. I did ALL my Christmas shopping online but I had a few things shipped to the store so I need to go pick those up and then wrap everything. I plan on wrapping each kid's gifts in their own wrapping paper this year. I might not even bother putting on tags. My kids all seem to have fairly simple tastes because they are all getting (nearly) everything on their lists. Both boys asked for an I-pod Touch...but that is NOT happening! I think they know that is a little extravagant. I did get some 2nd hand things, but they won't mind! I am wondering if I should get my daughter something else because ALL her gifts are for her new doll. Nah...she'll be fine!!

I hope all is well and everyone in your home is healthy! We are fighting something around here, but we seem to have the upper hand!