Monday, December 6, 2010

My Little American Girl

My daughter received her first 18" doll for her birthday. It's Josephina from American Girl Dolls, but her name has been changed to Mei Mei which means Little Sister. My daughter is absolutely THRILLED with her new gift. She knew she was getting a doll and was counting down the days. I agonized over which doll to get her for a long time. My daughter didn't like Ivy's (the only Asian AG doll) hair but I felt that it was important to get a doll that sort of looked like her. I actually got Josephina 2nd hand which made the decision for me.

I'm going to start blogging about her doll and the matching clothes we get for them. The first matching outfit was made by Robin at Red Thread Stitches. I've have been bartering my blog services for custom clothes with Robin for a few years now. It's a win-win situation! Her creations are unique and TOP quality. She has been sewing to raise money for their impending adoption. They hope to adopt within the next month or two, so she is not taking any new orders but you might be able to find some of her creations at her auction blog: Snowflakes of Love for Liliana. I donated one of my one-of-a-kind premade blog templates.

Anyway, the first matching set is cute cupcake skirts with matching shirts. Dori's shirt has a big 5 embroidered on the front. I made a white t-shirt for Mei Mei and appliqued a cupcake on the front. The shirt is not very neat so I won't be opening an Etsy shop anytime soon! LOL! I am in communication with several Etsy shop owners right now and I hope to be featuring their doll clothes and accessories soon. I may have some giveaways too!
If you or anyone you know makes 18" doll clothes or accessories and are interested in being featured on my blog and/or to barter for blog/graphic services please contact me.