Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I ♥ My Home!!

We are nearing completion of our remodel and we are really LOVING our home! It started out as just a kitchen remodel, but it's turned into the entire upstairs. Our living room is so nice now. We got a new TV and moved our brown leather furniture upstairs. I've spent some time lately looking online at TV stands for flat screens and I think I found one that will look great in our living room. I know I've talked a lot about the remodel and haven't shown many pictures, but hopefully we will complete the project soon and I will get lots of great photos to post. I am really looking forward to lounging around over the winter break and watching shows & DVDs with the family on the new TV.

We did get our hardwood floors completed today. They are so beautiful! Eric installed the new railing at the top of the stairs this weekend and he did a great job. We had taken out the original wrought iron railing that here when we moved in and build a little half-wall thing instead, but it never looked very professional. We have now taken the half-wall out and guess what~ we have wrought iron spindles on our railing. LOL! I am going to look for some curtain rods with a wrought iron look to them too! Not sure I will have them up before our holiday party, but people will still really be wowed by our new look! I ♥ My Home!!