Thursday, December 16, 2010

Doll Tested - Mother Approved

As I mentioned last week I am going to start featuring clothing & accessories that we've tested out for my daughter's American Girl 18" Doll. I've come up with the name of Doll Tested - Mother Approved for this feature. I've mentioned this first feature first, but I wanted to tell you more about Red Thread Stitches. Red Thread Stitches is owned and operated by Robin M, whom I've actually met in IRL when I was visiting a friend in her town. Robin has one of the biggest hearts I've ever encountered and she pours it into all her creations. She started Red Thread Stitches to raise money for a special needs adoption from China. Her creations are so beautiful and well made that she had a wait list nearly a year long. She got caught up on that and decided to adopt another special needs child from China. So she's back to stitching like crazy right now. Unfortunately she is not taking any new orders right now, but she opened an auction site (that I designed) where she is offering many great items that she created as well as others. She has a few items to fit American Girl and other 18" dolls. These auctions include 4 Doll Skirts or Matching Set or Birthday Matching Set like the one pictured below.
Snowflakes of Love
Here are 3 great outfits that Robin created. My daughter looks adorable and is so thrilled to have her doll dressed like her.

Robin's creations are top quality and my daughter loves them so much, therefore Red Thread Stitches gets 5 stars!
Red Thread Stitches

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  1. Awww...thank you for your kind words, Diana! You are one of the most amazing blog designers around! Definitely the fastest! :)

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