Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Recap

Here is a recap of our nice relaxing Christmas weekend!

Friday night we attended the candlelight service at church. Dori was very careful about holding her candle. She looked very pretty in her favorite dress.
Dora attended church with us in her Cubs jersey. Perfect xmas attire! LOL! After we got the kids (mostly) to bed DH & I put together Dori's gifts. I always said I never wanted to stay up on xmas eve putting things together, but... Dori would not go to sleep and could hear us across the hall. She kept asking what we were doing and wanting a hug or a drink. After we were sure she was asleep I tip-toed out and put her gifts out and filled stockings.
We had intended to sleep in until 8:30, but the dog had different ideas. He started scratching at his crate at 7:30 and I got up to let him out. He ended up jumping on Dori which woke her up. She was ready to go and wanted to play with gifts. Eric & I thought we would snooze til 8:30, but even the teen woke up so we just started the day. We made our annual monkey bread the night before and it just didn't taste as good as normal. I don't think the kids minded much because they had some candy in their stockings. We divided up the gifts and the kids took turns opening. Here are some pics~
I ended up taking a little catnap on the sofa and then we headed over to my sister's house for xmas lunch. We had a YUMMY Mexican meal and stuffed ourselves SILLY!
After lunch we went out sledding on a mini hill produced by the snowplow. We've had record snowfall this month and it's been very cold, but with enough layers it wasn't too bad out on xmas. Here is part of the group on the hill~
The kids had been jumping on DH's back as he was sledding down on his belly and my sister caught this shot of my after I had jumped on DH's back. LOL!
After sledding we enjoyed some Wii Party! It was a really fun afternoon.

In the evening we celebrated with desserts at a friend's house. It was a perfect holiday with a combination of family & friends! I hope you all had a nice holiday break!

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