Thursday, November 4, 2010

Low Carbs

I've been on the low carb diet for 3 months now and it's going well. Not sure I've lost much weight lately, but I've been blowing the diet...especially on weekends. I find that when I do my acid reflux kicks in. Last night I had homemade chicken salad and served it in half of an avocado, which I got the idea from Deliciously Thin. I used my own chicken salad recipe though. It was pretty good, but I do miss bread & tortilla chips with this chicken salad. I'll put the recipe below cause I can't remember if I posted it before.So with Thanksgiving coming up, I'd like to find some low-carb alternative recipes. I *LOVE* to overeat on Thanksgiving~ especially on mashed potatoes & rolls. If I do that this year I will be in a carb coma. Anyone have any low-carb Thanksgiving alternatives?

Chicken Salad

Chicken breast (I use IQF)
Hard Boiled Egg
Mayo (whatever variety)
Optional: Apples, Grapes, Pecans

Boil & shred the chicken. Chop up egg, apple, grapes, & pecans and add it to the chicken. Add in mayo, mustard, & salt to taste. I love this with whole wheat bread or corn tortilla chips, but with lo-carbs I eat it on lettuce or with celery or avocado.