Friday, October 8, 2010

Parenting isn't for whimps!

Not sure who coined that phrase, but it's kind of silly if you think about it. Does anyone say, "I'm too whimpy to have kids?" or "I'm whimping out on this parenting gig it's just too much!" At times parenting is just tough and you don't have a choice to change things.

I've had a few parenting challenges this week. Nothing that makes me want to bow out or be angry with anyone...just regular old stuff that everyone faces. On Monday I had one having a HUGE 90 min melt-down, another with a little tummy flu, and an email from the other's teacher about his lack of effort in that class. Within a few hours we had a happy one, a well one, and another who was open to a talk about the future, but there were moments that I just wanted to jump in the car and go over-indulge in something YUMMY and full of carbs! I've been disappointed today because the teen is scheduled to work tonight and he can't find someone to cover his shift. That means he will miss marching band. I know he loves band, but I seem to have the most disappointment over it. He did just text me about an hour ago to say that he got the job internship he wanted via school...which I am sure trumps anything else he might have been feeling. I was thinking that having to miss the game and work would be a good lesson in life not always turning out how you want it...but dream internship squashed that lesson. I just hope he doesn't get scheduled for next weekend because it's homecoming and Senior night. All seniors are honored are introduced with their parents. The teen loves marching band but I have this fear that this might be the end of his marching career. Why as parents do we want to protect our children so much from disappointments? Have you experienced the same or am I over reacting? And why am I such an emotional eater????