Thursday, September 23, 2010

Survivor Recap

Since last night's episode of Survivor was so entertaining I am posting about it today. I think an appropriate title for the episode would have been Shoes & Socks & Weirdos, Oh My! How did they cast such loonies? First off, Holly just lost it. Why would she take the snails and dump them out? If she didn't want to eat any she should have just kept her trap shut and let them alone. Of course the others are going to say something about her for dumping their food. I think she was trying to stir things up. Looking for an easy way out. Of course Coach Jimmy comes to the rescue and convinces her to be strong and not quit. I don't think that Jimmy has a chance to win, but he sure is a good motivator!!

Then we switch to the young tribe and Nay goes nutty. She sure has an attitude. I actually started liking Fabio this episode. He didn't do any thing against Nay and she attacked him. He was smart at tribal telling Shannon to zip it! Kelly B was one tough competitor and Nay is just way too judgmental about her. She would have flipped if someone made the judgments about her that she made about Kelly B.

I have go to say that the young tribe is playing it smart from the get go. Usually the first boot from each team is the weakest or the craziest. While Shannon just kept spouting at the mouth and digging himself in deeper, he was a physically strong player. Both team's first boots just kept droning on and on at tribal and put nails in their own coffin. Shannon was so stupid and people were STUNNED by what he said to Sash and about New York. What a narrow minded idiot!

The other day I picked Chase as the winner. I had decided it was going to be a guy and I just randomly picked one. I think that Brenda has him under her spell AND Shannon called him out so I don't see him lasting. It might be my age (yup...I would be in the older tribe!) but I hope that someone from the older tribe wins. I really like Jill. Her little alliance with Marty could be a very good thing and could propel both of them to the end.

What did you think??