Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kitchen Renovation Update

I've finally downloaded pics off the camera and I'm going to update you on the renovation.

Day 5

Electrical lines & vent moved.Microwave plug moved.3rd layer of underlayment~
Day 6

Flooring installed
Days 7-9

Walls patched (plastic up to keep the dust down)~
Day 10

Chai Spice going on the wall!!Dated the remodel & put our names upThe kiddos & cousins signed the wall!First cabinet being put up!!You are ALL now witnesses to the truth!3 cabinets up! w00t!
Day 11

Pebble Path on the back wall~Chai Spice meets Pebble Path~Kitchen view~Microwave installed~Top cabinets finished on the one side and refrigerator moved into place!