Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kitchen Remodel Days 3 & 4

Eric has been working hard on the kitchen. Yesterday he did all the wall prep with patching and putting up Kilz. Our BIL built out the soffit. We are not fans of the soffit, but when they were built they took the place of the ceiling. If we take them out then there is A LOT of ceiling to put in. Instead we extended the soffit out to where the edge of the cabinets will go on the dining room side. Our BIL is a master with detail work like this and we are so thankful that he's offered to help.Here are the walls~I got involved by picking up more paint samples. I made 3 trips up to the home improvement store and came up with these colors~We really like them and went ahead and purchased enough of what we need for kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Today was going to be an electrical day (with taking out a wall we have several electrical lines that need to be relocated to another location), but our flooring is going to be installed on Thursday so the plans changed up a little bit. Eric has spent the whole day prepping the floor. The under layment below the linoleum that Eric scraped up is really rough so he has decided to put a layer on top of it. So he has been cutting pieces of wood to fit in the unlevel spots, put 2 layers on the dining room area to raise it to the height of the kitchen floor, and will be putting a layer on top of the entire area. He has made LOTS of trips up and down the stairs, and bending down to nail...he's going to be more than ready for bed tonight!