Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yes! I've been a bad blogger!

I haven't posted much here at Diana Rambles over the last 3-4 months. In the spring I was busy preparing for our big trip to Alaska (which I did blog about here), we were gone in June & July, and I've been swamped with returning to work and home improvement since we got back. Our trip to Alaska was a big success! I was cleaning up our kitchen a few days after we got back and I was telling DH how sick of it I was. He said, "Why don't we remodel? Or what if we just move?" I did a little searching online at, but I realized that if we were to move than I'd have to clean up the whole house and the economy we would not get the value out of our house that we think we deserve. So we are remodeling. We started with our bedroom. We were inspired by the beautiful turquoise-blueish color that we saw in glaciers and glacier fed lakes and streams on the trip.I found this awesome bedding at and we picked a new wall color to match.We were trying to decide about flooring and I decided I wanted laminate. When DH went to pull the carpet up...we found HARDWOOD! w00t! The floor had paint spills all over it, but DH was able to get it up with rubbing alcohol. He polished it and now our room looks FANTASTIC!I am not ready to post the final after pics yet because I still need to sew curtains and we hope to get a different dresser. Our walls are now in great need of some art.
DH has moved onto the bathroom now. The vanity was falling apart when we moved in 9 years it was WAY overdue for an update. We found a nice 5' vanity at Menards that looks great in there. We ordered a custom counter from them (in the kitchen department), got a sink, faucet, and new lights and fixtures. DH removed the wallpaper and painted the walls and ceiling WHITE! We still need to install several things, but it's coming together. We moved the position of the sink and changed the flooring, so it looks completely different. Here are some before and current shots~We plan on getting new towels and accent decor. We just have no idea what color(s) to go with. What goes with black, white, and royal oak? I think just about any bold color, but we are clueless with where to start. We do plan on changing out the towels/accents every few years to give it a fresh feel.

The next room is the kitchen. While the bedroom and bathroom were more of an update, the kitchen is going to be a TOTAL remodel. First off we are knocking out the wall between the kitchen and dining room. We will be putting in a peninsula (also an inspiration from our trip? Kenai Peninsula???) right by where the wall was. There will be overhang on the back where people can sit on stools. We've already ordered the cabinets, $tove, and microwave from Menards. We are going with stainless appliances. We still need to pick our a fridge & dishwasher. Once the cabinets are in place we will order the counter. Our counter will be Sedona Trail, but we have no idea of what colors to go with for flooring, ceiling, and walls. White will not look good! I think we will pick a lighter color from the counter for the flooring. We'd like to do a tile back splash. That can be quite $$ so we will probably wait until we can find something on sale. So many decisions!! We plan on doing most of the work by ourselves. (That means DH is doing it all! LOL!)We aren't this messy...we just wanted to make the before look bad! (I'm lying!)

I want to do a better job of posting. At this point I have no real plans surrounding my posts. I might do some memes or I just might ramble. I am sure there will be lots of stuff about our remodel. I know that a makeover is in order...which I hope to do very soon. I think I'll move things around a little.