Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Song Rings True!

My daughter has just discovered the Fresh Beat Band at NickJr.com. She would sit there all day if I let her. I am getting to know all the songs (ugh!) and one sticks in my head...Get up now and go go! Go go go go go go go!
Well DH just IMd me that our custom cabinets are in at Menards. YIKES! We only ordered them 2 weeks ago and they said 4+ weeks. So it's time to get up and go go on the kitchen remodel. I am feeling a little panicked. I am wondering how we are going to quickly pull this together and make it all happen. Of course even it was 2-3 weeks from now, I would still feel panicked. I know that part of my panic is the natural resistance to change...even though the kitchen could use some updating. I just know the process is going to be a PITA...and we are planning on doing it ourselves. Gulp! I am thinking we might need to hire in for some parts of the process. Of course right now I am thinking of another Fresh Beat Band song...Friends give friends a hand...