Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Diet

About 3 weeks ago I was watching the Dr. Oz show. I am not sure why because I don't turn on the TV during the day, but that doesn't matter. He was talking about different diets and how they will be successful for different people. The low carb diet really spoke to me because I carry weight around my middle AND I eat a TON of carbs. I LOVE tortillas and will eat several each day. I also love bread, rolls, rice, cereal, crackers, pasta and just about anything with carbs. In fact, cards are what I snack on post of the time. I usually buy whole wheat breads and 'healthier' carbs, but I still have too many of them. And sugar is a carb!!!! So I decided to give the lo-carb thing a try. I didn't put a lot of planning or thought into it, I just decided one day to really pay attention to what I am eating and cut out the simple carbs. It hasn't been tough at all! I've been looking up recipes and alternatives online. I am not big on meat, so Atkins wouldn't work for me. I like cheese, but can only have so much in a day. So I am beefing up on fruits and veggies. I know that many fruits that are not low in carbs, but eating them in moderation has got to be better than snacking on crackers or cereal. I haven't been tired (which many say happens with a lo-carb diet) and I am not feeling hungry. Only one did I struggle with something to snack with. I didn't weigh myself before starting, but I am feeling a little slimmer. The first place that I put weight on and off is my hips. It seems as if I can't pinch a big blob of fat like I could a few weeks ago. I don't know if I will cut carbs permanently, but I hope to get used to eating less and in turn NOT go overboard at parties and gatherings. There are recipes out there with alternative ingredients, but I haven't tried any yet. I did find this simple recipe for rotisserie chicken in the crock pot. You take a whole chicken, spray it with cooking spray (olive oil preferred) and then sprinkle it with Lawry's Seasoning Salt. You ball up foil and put it in the bottom of a crock pot and then set the chicken on top. I actually put the steaming tray from one of my rice cookers in the bottom of it. The recipe said cook on low for 4-5 hours, but my chicken wasn't fully defrosted so I cooked it longer. Super easy and yummy!I've been eating lots of salads!! YUM!!!
Yes...this 2nd one has a lot of dressing!