Monday, August 23, 2010

Meal Monday - Creamy Chicken

Last night we had my sis & her fam over for dinner and I made this SUPER simple chicken dish. I got it off a new website I found called Deliciously Thin. That site is devoted to being on a lo-carb diet. They have a section of recipes called 3 ingredient dishes. I am ALL for simplicity and I found this recipe that was devoured last night. Even my son who isn't a big fan of this type of thing had 2nds and licked his plate clean.

Creamy Chicken

* 1 bag - 2.5 to 3 lb bag of frozen chicken breasts
* 1 package cream cheese
* 2 can cream of chicken soup (Cream of Chicken & Mushroom is lower in carbs if you can find it!)

Place all in crock pot and cook all day. Great over french style green beans or cauliflower.
I just realized right now that it called for 2 cans of soup. I only used one can of Cream of Chicken & Mushroom, which I will do next time I make it. We served it over long thin green beans. There were 9 of us and it was gone quickly. Even the left over sauce got scooped up. I didn't start it until nearly lunch time so I cooked it on high for just over 6 hours. This will be going on our high rotation meal list