Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sorry I haven't blogged!

I have been SOOOO busy! Just too busy to blog. I am going update you point by point about what has been going on.
  • I got a cool new phone. Remember my Boost phone was a bust? I've had a Trac Fone for several years. I've been very happy with it, but it's very basic. Our teen asked for a phone for his bday...and he pointed out that he doesn't ask for much. True... Plus we wanted to have phone & internet service on our upcoming trip. We looked at all the cell carriers and decided to go with Verizon. I got a Palm Pre Plus, which is a really cool smart phone. I am still exploring all the features and apps. One of the main reasons we got it is that it can search as a WiFi Hot Spot and we can connect 5 devises to it. This will allow us to have internet access when we are away from home/access. We were smart to get unlimited texting as the teen does hundreds of texts a day. I've been texting quite a bit too!
  • The count down to our trip to Alaska has begun. We are just weeks away from leaving. We pulled the RV out of storage over the weekend and it is now parked in our driveway. It's been way to HOT to do a lot of work on it, but we hope the weather cools off over the next few days and we can get it packed up. We are camping nearby this weekend, which will be our first time using the RV. We were thrilled to find someone to house sit while we are gone (actually a college student who needed a place to stay this summer.) He moves in on Friday. He seems like a nice guy, so we won't mind having him here while we are around.
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  • School is almost over! My daughter has 1 more day and the boys have 4 more days. Both boys have a trip planned before we leave. The younger one is going to church camp and gets to go rock climbing and other fun activities. The teen is going on a wilderness trip with the youth group and will also enjoy some great outdoor activities.
  • My blog makeover biz continues to go well. I'm actually struggling to handle the work load at times. I am starting to slow down the pace so that I can prep for our trip. I will be taking 6-7 weeks off. I'll probably have withdrawals!! I have a few more client slots open before my time off begins. It's going to be hard to tell people that I am taking time off!! I have some great ideas for expanding my business that I will start to put on place in August.
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  • Reality Show Finals: Amazing Race~ I was bummed that the cowboys didn't win. I thought Dan/Jordan were funny in the first episode, but I thought they got whiny as time went on. Their move up to first class during the flight to SF is what made the difference for the win! Survivor~ Many people were worried that Russell was going to win, but I figured it would be Pavarti or Sandra. It was an interesting season. Celebrity Apprentice~ I am happy that Bret Michaels won. You would have never thought he would go to the end after the first few episodes, but he's a better leader than follower. He showed a lot of courage by being at the finale! I am looking forward to the Biggest Loser & Parenthood finale's tonight.
Have a GREAT week!!!

Diana is a crafty creative Midwestern work from home mama of 3. She enjoys playing with PhotoShop Elements, sewing & crafting, creating fun for family & friends, camping, and reading. She is the owner & operator of Custom Blog Designs.

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  1. Cool phone, it is gonna be great for the vacation!

  2. Great update! Glad to hear your trip prep is going well. As for Survivor, I'm glad Russell didn't win, but I'm still not thrilled with the choice of Sandra. She kind of won by default. I went into the finale pulling for Colby or Jerri. And very sad that the cowboys didn't win AR.

  3. Are you gonna update the blog from your travels?? I'd love to see and hear about that as you go along.

    I'm with you on the Race and Survivor. HATE Russell--that guy is such a tool. Love Bret Michaels too. I never thought he'd win!! Amazing that he was there even though he's been so sick.

    Happy (and safe) travels, Diana! I can't wait to hear all the stories.

  4. You are one busy lady.. you will be enjoying and relaxing soon..
    hugs.. you deserve it..

  5. I can't believe it's that close until you leave. Wow!
    Somehow, I knew Bret would win.


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