Friday, April 2, 2010

Weekend Plans?!

The kids are out of school today, so we've had a very laid back morning. My plans for today include laundry, bloggy work, make cascarones, color Easter eggs, make choc chip banana bread, work on a volunteer schedule, help set up for Easter breakfast at church, dinner @ my sister's house, and enjoying the AWESOME weather.

Tomorrow we are going to an all day adoption event put on by one of the Asian student groups at the local university. It's for children adopted from China and their families. Each child (adopted or not) is paired up with a college student who is their big brother or sister for the day. They do games, crafts, activities, discussions, etc. The parents get to hear presentations over various subjects related to parenting an (internationally) adopted child, Asian culture, etc. It's so nice to catch up with many of our friends who attend the program. Our daughter is shy and overwhelmed by the event at times, so we are taking steps for her to feel more comfortable this year. We had her big sister over for dinner the other night and they made some fun plans that she is looking forward to. It should be a great day!

Sunday is Easter and I have to be up and to church early to help serve Easter breakfast. It is a huge event that most of the church shows up for. I help with the prep, but my favorite part is serving the egg casserole. I get to schmooze with all the people there. One thing that amazes me about it is we have around 20 people make egg casseroles with the same recipe in identical foil pans and each casserole looks (and often tastes) completely different. I love the ones that have been cooked longer and have brown edges! We have a few other duties at church that morning. We usually eat Easter dinner with my sister and her family, but they leave for vacation tomorrow so we are on our own. I think we might go out for Chinese food! LOL! Then we have my other favorite Easter activity in the afternoon. We all gather at a friends with a dessert to share and then have an egg hunt for kids of all ages. Instead of the traditional hunt we hide cascarones, which we then smash on each other's head. It's LOTS of fun! Then we will come home and complain about how we overate! LOL! Great day, eh?

What are your weekend plans?