Thursday, April 15, 2010

We Are The Truth

The Joint Council on International Children's Services has dubbed today, April 15, 2010, as We Are The Truth day. This was prompted by the recent return of a boy to Russia from an adoptive mom in Tennessee. You can read more about the JCICS's call to action here.

Many of you know that we adopted a child from China in 2006. Overall it has been a wonderful experience for us. As you can see from all the pics I post, we just adore our daughter. She fits well into the family. She knows she was adopted (even though I am not sure she fully understands what that means) and is very proud of it.I wanted to share my feelings of being both a biological and adoptive mom. First off, I am a mom to 3 kids. I don't really view myself and any different of a mom to any of them. While I might reference that a child is biological or adopted at times, it really has no bearing in me being a mom. My daughter is every bit as much of my child as my sons are. In fact, I almost take my parenting of her more seriously. I know that sounds strange, but let me explain. Anyone who has adopted know that there is a bunch of paperwork. It's not something you enter into lightly. When we were in China we had to swear in front of both Chinese & US officials that we would love, parent, care for, and not abuse this child. When you give birth to a child, there is no one there to make you promise to care for this child. It's really something I took for granted with my boys. Even though I love and take care of my sons, I specifically told several people and 2 countries that I would do so for my daughter. I think it just raised my awareness of parenting to a new level. Something I kept in mind during our struggles those first months home. No child is perfect, biological or adopted. You can't choose what your child will be like, their abilities, their reactions, their health. What I can do is to choose to parent...24/7/365!!