Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reality Wrap: Week 8

This will be a short one. I've been SUPER BUSY lately (read more here) that I am surprised that I have blogged at all this week!!

Survivor~ WOW! Going into last week's episode I thought that Boston Rob still had the upper hand in the Ego-Fest. I was wrong! Coach is going to go off the deep end because he betrayed both sides. I am sure in his whacked out mind he is OK with his decision to vote for Courtney. Villians are just going to implode now. I am actually thinking that JT has a chance to win this thing. Heroes actually have the upper hand now.

Amazing Race~ Did you notice that contestants got to the pit stop in the opposite order that they left? I think the Cowboys are going to win, but as someone pointed live and die by the taxi drivers. I was excited to see them go to Malaysia (as we lived there in 2001), but they went to Penang, which we did not visit.

Celebrity Apprentice~ For the second time in as many years...I was happy to see Blago get FIRED! He is sooo pathetic when it comes to technology! Srly!

Have a great Thursday!!!