Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reality Wrap: Week 7

First off...Amazing Race had higher ratings than Survivor last week. That is quite unusual, especially as this season of AR is pretty weak and Survivor has been really strong. It's probably because Survivor was on Wednesday due to March Madness and people forgot to watch. Here are my quick reviews:

Surivor~ What an episode! I've been thinking Russell is looking dumber and dumber each week, but what he pulled off was epic. Tyson was SOOOO dumb! He realized his mistake before the final vote was read, but everyone else was clueless. I *LOVED* Rob's facial expressions...he was so confused. It was priceless.

Amazing Race~ Stupidity ruled this leg...mistake, after mistake, after mistake. And then it was a non-elim? I don't mind the cowboys at all (although I advise them to KEEP those hats on!) but they deserved to go. Boring dad & daughter are looking stronger and stronger.

Celebrity Apprentice~ much longer are we going to have to put up with Rod? He was sooooo pathetic not knowing how to get on the computer or type. My 4 year old types better than he does. But he proved to not be as pathetic as Darryl Strawberry throwing in the towel. Remind me...why did I start watch this season???