Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reality Wrap: Week 11

Survivor~ JT was soooo dumb! I thought it was very entertaining. I love how Pavarti pulled out the idols and gave them to Sandra & Jeri. EVERYONE was shocked, including Russell. Looks like he gets mad about it this week, which will probably lead to his demise. He can be mad at Pavarti for not telling him, but if he goes against her he will lose. I might be wrong, and they just pick off the heros and then turn on each other. If I had to guess now...I'd say Jeri could win?!?

Amazing Race~ I was glad to see it return...even if the season is weak. Making noodles looks tough. I really thought the brothers were going to be goners, but it was the cops in last place...and they were spared. I figured it was non-elim when the cowboys got to the mat and Phil didn't say, "You are the first of the 3 final teams." So this week will be an elimination. The cops might get an easy speed bump and stay. Whatever happens, I think the cowboys will be in and they win the million dollars!

Celebrity Apprentice~ I actually skipped through this episode a little bit. I thought the 24 Hr Fitness people were going to hate the rock routine cause it was very edgy, but they LOVED it. I am sure they will clean it up a bit before offering it. That was an incredible amount of money raised by both teams for the task and I thought it was nice that no one got fired.