Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Actually I don't think there is any good in this post. I am going to address the ugly out there on the internet, specifically Facebook. I am astounded that people are joining a group that calls/supports/prays for someone's death. I am even more astounded that friends of mine have joined such groups. And I am not talking teens, like my son who joins just about every group that he comes across. I would hope that I've raised him better than to join a group wanting someone to die. I am talking about adults. People that I consider good, well meaning individuals. Now I am not so sure. I don't believe any of these people would think that bullying is OK, but isn't this a form of bullying? Maybe, maybe not!? I am not even going to get into whose death they are wishing for. I am just shocked that anyone's death would be wished for...whether they be a politician, family member, neighbor, or stranger. I feel as if Facebook has made me a very liberal person. More likely it's raised my awareness of how liberal I've always been. I just can't understand the hate that exists out there!!

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  1. It is wrong and sad and people should know better. I think it is just to easy for people to be mean & nasty in a semi-anonymous format. There is a lot of support on FB as well, I hope that it shows through some of the ugly. It is sad to see the hate in people and I think if they saw that in themselves they would be ashamed.

  2. is something I would not be surprised on when people can have some anonymity, but shocking that people are bold face haters & racists!

  3. Yowza...I'm lost, although, I'm not surprised and I'm with ya.

    At first I thought this post would be about people who leave belated birthday greetings on other people's walls or something....

  4. I thought the same thing the other day. I'm pretty sure that we are talking about the same thing...if not it really doesn't matter. It's so sad and sick. I just don't get how you could not think before joining a group, or how you could join a group that promotes hate. It really makes my heart sick!

  5. Hello Diana - it's been awhile since I've written - hello and hope all is well. I couldn't agree more. It seems society has waxed very mean. I've noticed this in politics especially - people can't seem to leave it with disagreeing with the platform but rather have to attack the individual. So mean. Thanks for posting your thoughts about this!

  6. I hear you. I am amazed at how deep hate can get. It really makes me wonder if we really are a 'civilized society' when I see things like this on face book and all over the internet.

    Sometimes I wonder if this is what our fore fathers meant about the fifth amendment. But boy, people sure do push the envelope.

  7. That does sound wrong! Who would make a fan page like that anyway? Even though this is sick I am curious about what fan page you are talking about here. I might have to do some investigating on Facebook.

  8. Diana, I almost posted a blog on this very topic! I am beyond upset by this, and have been very vocal about it on my own FB page. I am very proud of my 16 year-old daughter, tho, who created her own FB page in response to this - "Wishing harm on your president makes you an idiot, not a patriot." I am amazed at the support she has received in response to this, and am very proud that she took the opportunity to make a stand. Kudos to you for your post!

  9. I have to agree that those FB groups are in very bad taste. I am by no means liberal--in fact, I'm very conservative, but that said, I believe God said something in the Bible about, "Thou shalt not kill." Joking about it is not acceptable.


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